Who am I?

I'm the technology director for the three busy public libraries in Brookline, Massachusetts.

Some things I think & write & present about:

/* libraries */

/* user experience & service design */

/* digital literacy, online content strategy, miscellaneous tech stuff */

/* electronic music */

/* the unique anxieties of life in the 21st century */

...but why tho

I grew up in the Carousel Capital of the World and cut my teeth on whipping up Angelfire pages at our Late Victorian farmhouse-turned-library. In the past, I've decorated cakes, built websites for hair salons, churned out online classes as an instructional technologist, and #SaturdayLibrarian'd hardcore at a private college in the general vicinity of Harvard Square.

I do lots of library stuff, but I also make websites, play in bands, cook extravagantly, have two cats, listen to tons of podcasts, and walk everywhere. I love trees, 37-key synthesizers, minimalist design, and serendipitous browsing.


I'm on Twitter a lot.

Send love mail to: shehadausername AT gmail DOT com
Send hate mail to: shehadausername AT gmail DOT com